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Jake – An Extraordinary Dalmatian
1/25/1992 ~ 2/17/2006

Jake was born on January 25, 1992 in Sugar Creek, Ohio, to Fancy Dancer (dame) and Duke Jordan (sire), and his family tree encompasses a long line of champions. Seven weeks later on March 14, we drove down to Sugar Creek and discovered who is forever… Jake!

Jake celebrated his 14 th birthday on January 25, 2006. Sadly, he passed away on February 17, 2006 from a chronic kidney condition. He is forever in our hearts, and we couldn’t be more proud of him. The veterinarians and staff of Lakewood Animal Hospital, in Lakewood, Ohio, provided Jake with superior love and care, ensuring Jake’s quality of life was the best it could be for over fourteen years. They will be forever appreciated and remembered for being such a big part of our family.

Jake liked to spend his days playing with toys (too many to count over the years), sleeping in our bed, and barking at anyone who walked or drove by the house with tail wagging. His favorite past times (besides eating and sleeping) were walks in the valley, walks down by the lake, running through the snow, and riding in the car with his head out the window taking in the fresh air.

Jake Enjoying a Day on the Lake
June 1992
To mention everything we love and miss about Jake would take weeks. However, Birthday’s and Holiday’s were always a special time for Jake as he loved opening his own Birthday and Christmas gifts. Barking at the train around the Christmas tree was always an anticipated event, and devouring the traditional Birthday cupcake has provided us with countless pictures and a lifetime of happy memories.

Dalmatians in general are a well mannered and charming breed, and Jake was no exception. His unique personality and mild disposition proved a winning combination for us and everyone Jake touched throughout his life. To us, Jake was much more than just the family pet… he was and always will be our first baby boy. We will always pray for him, feel him in our hearts, and thank him for all the love and happiness he brought us each and every day of his life.

So sit back, check out Jake’s picture gallery, and feel free to leave a message with your thoughts and prayers. We know he appreciates your kind words.

A Hard Day's Work
March 17, 1992

Barking For The First Time
April 2, 1992

A New Toy!
Christmas Eve 1993

Just Relaxing
June 1994

Down in the Valley
May 1995

Opening His Gifts
Christmas Eve 1996

With Mommy Down by the Beach
March 1997

Assuming One of His FAVORITE Positions
November 1997

Can I have My Treat Now?
July 1998

Too Early to Get Up Yet
December 1999

Just Lounging Around
February 2000

Another Christmas Toy
December 2001

Enjoying a Summer Day
June 2002

A Morning Stroll
May 2003

One of These Days I'll Get that Train!
Christmas 2004

My Evening Walk
September 2005

The Jake Brady Memorial Fund Would LIke To Recognize Lakewood Animal Hospital Inc., For Their Excellence In Companion Animal Care


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